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Shelley Thompson

Principal Psychologist
M.Psych. (Prof.), B.A. (Hons.) Psych., MAPS 


Shelley Thompson, Child and Adolescent Psychologist, is owner and Principal Psychologist at Psychology Assessment Services (PAS). She has been a registered psychologist for over 15 years. Shelley is trained and experienced in administering a broad range of psychological assessments. Her areas of interest include neurodevelopmental disorders such as intellectual disability, specific learning disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 


Shelley has extensive experience working with children and adolescents across a range of settings, including private practice and government, catholic, independent, and specialist schools. She works with young people ranging in age from preschool to senior secondary school.


  • Master of Psychology (Prof.)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology

  • Member of Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

  • Registered Member of Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA)

  • Registered Member of Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Assessment Approach

Psychology Assessment Services (PAS) is committed to providing the highest professional standards drawn from ‘best practice’, coupled with strong knowledge and experience in child and adolescent development.

The most up-to-date 'Gold Standard' assessment tools are utilised. Assessments are conducted in a friendly, caring, and respectful manner. Reports are comprehensive, individualised, easy to understand, and include practical recommendations to help the child at home and school.

The assessment service is confidential, and adheres strictly to the professional codes, standards, and ethical guidelines of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

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What are psychological assessments?

A psychological assessment refers to any type of formal standardised assessment conducted by a psychologist to measure aspects of an individual, such as intelligence, development, personality, attitude, behaviour, social or emotional functioning.


‘Standardised’ means the assessment is administered and scored in a predetermined and consistent manner. That is, the questions, instructions, testing conditions, and scoring procedures are the same for each individual. Results are then compared to a norm group (i.e. a large group of individuals who have completed the assessment in order to calculate what is ‘average’). An individual’s score can then be matched to the norm group to determine where their score sits compared to others of the same age (i.e. are they below average, average, or above average).


Types of psychological assessments


Psychological assessments include a range of different ways of gathering information about a person. Common types of psychological assessment include:

  • Interview

  • Observation

  • Test

  • Questionnaire


Psychologists use information and results obtained from psychological assessments to form a diagnosis and guide treatment. A diagnosis is not made on a single assessment, such as test result, as a test result fills only one piece of the puzzle. Information needs to be gathered from multiple sources to form a complete picture of a child. Then a decision is made as to whether the set of symptoms or behaviours meet the criteria for a diagnosis.

Intellectual Disability
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Information needs to be collected from multiple sources to form a complete picture of a child

A test fills only one piece of the puzzle

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